From Zero To Infinity

My intense desire
To feel like infinty
Is taking me to a state
with no gravity

(I want to feel like an inferno
but, my mind is content but not complacent)


Circle Of Life

Life is miracle
A complete circle of past, present and future.

Death Of Dreams

What i see is not what i dream

What i dream is now difficult to achieve

This lifetime got over for me when i was young and free

My Woman

Women o women
You are like a diamond on a crown
Your worth is more than one can count
You are a goddess shaping into different forms
Your heart is a cave hiding things that makes you sob
Your angelic laugh enlightens even the most doleful beings soul
Your life becomes old in turning stone into gold
Freeing yourself from the empty love that was never yours
Passing days by recollecting memories you have sown
Because once known
‘You’ have now become unknown